Royal Alhambra Palace - Lara, Antalya, Turkey - Stone Group Hotel


Our goal is to make you to have an unforgettable holiday and spend your hours magnificently with evening shows with scene of wonderful sea and pool which are organized by our professional and multinational animation team. 


Since our guests are seeking different alternatives in sun and sea tourism, our pools are specially designed to offer these alternatives.      


For those who want to experience the utmost pool pleasure, the biggest pools of the area are intended for our guest. Enjoy the warm summer months in our outdoor pool which is controlled and maintenanced in extreme hygienic terms. You can reach the peak of fun trying different water slide choices.    
Big Pool 2500 m²,140 cm in depth
Water Slide Pools (3total)250 m²in size,110 cm in depth    


Watch your children enjoying the water in safety in the children pools located next to the mini club and slides.    
Children Water Slide Pool    250 m² in size, 80 cm in depth
Outdoor Children Pool   200 m² in size, 40 cm in depth       


Our indoor pool, which is heated for the guests that want to enjoy the pool during the winter, is 140 cm in depth and 460 m² in size. The children pool is 35 cm in depth and 10 m² in size. There is also two Jacuzzi, which are 100 cm in depth and 10 m² in size, located in our indoor pool area.
**The indoor swimming pool is open from 01.11 till 31.03 to use.

Mini Club

Mini Club is for children aged 04–12. It serves for the children which usually still need their parents for their demands.Working hours are between 10:00 and 12:00 in the morning and 14:30 and 17:00 in the afternoon.    

Daytime Activities

Face painting
Table games
Handworks and hobby works
T-shirt painting ( chargeable)
Mini Football (on the beach)
Mini Basketball
Water GYM
Pool games
Water polo
Slide racing   

Evening Activities

Mini Disco   

Concept Days

Indiana day
Pirate day
Pizza day
Cake day
Water games day
Sandcastle day
Athleticism day 

***All outside facilities are from 01.04-31.10 (depending on weather conditions) usable.

Funfair & Aquapark

AQUAPARK (Opening-closing hours) 10.00 – 12.00 / 14.30 – 17.00)  

Aquapark and Lunapark are open between dates 15.04-31.10 on certain hours, depend on weather conditions.

5 slides for adults (Children less than 10 years old can use with a written permission of parents) 

Rafting Slide     Lenght: 102,94 m Height:  10,35 m  
Black Hole Lenght: 96,15 m Height: 10,35 m  
Body Slide Length: 37,25 m    Height : 10,35 m  
Multi Slide Lenght: 36,96 m Height: 10,35 m  
Kamikaze Length: 77,00 m Height: 10,35 m 
For children (Children less than 15 years old can use) 

3 slides for children  

Kidscompact Slide Lenght: 23,86 m Height : 2,95 m  
Kidswide Slide Lenght:10,25 m Height:  2,95 m  
Kidsfill Slide Lenght: 10,95 m     Height: 2,95 m     

FUNFAIR (19.00 – 21.30 )

Opening and closing hours can be changed in the season. The funfair can be closed due to weather conditions.   

For adults (Children less than 7 years old can use with a written permission of parents) 

Ferris Wheel Max. Capacity: 48 pax  
Gondola Max. Capacity: 24 pax  
Auto Collision Max. Capacity: 16 pax   

For children  

Swing Max. Capacity: 19 pax      
Trampoline Max. Capacity: 4  pax    

* Trampoline can be used by children older than 3 years old and not heavier than 40 kg.
* Working depend on weather conditions

Daytime Animation

Daytime Animation  

Morning GYM
Dancing Courses
Mind Games
Step Aerobic
Table Tennis
Beach Volleyball
Water GYM (in pool)
Water Polo
Pool Games
Air Gun  

Evening Entertainment Program

Evening Entertainment Program

Professional dance shows
Musical shows
Professional evening shows
Interactive games  

Activities After Show   

Live music (5 days a week)
Hit Parade    
Disco concept days (Pirate  party,White party…) 

***All outside facilities are from 01.04-31.10 (depending on weather conditions) usable.

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